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New Season! New Artwork! Old Music?

With streaming, how do you get that delight of hearing your favorite song?

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If you read my newsletters or just talk to me, you know that I LOVE music. I love listening to music as I create my artwork, whether I'm working on a client's logo design or painting my next abstract painting. I have the tunes playing loud and thumping. As my chiropractor can attest, I have hurt my wrists banging out air drum solos while in the studio.

During the last few years, my consumption of music has changed from purchasing individual songs and albums to streaming. Due to the easy (really easy) access to ANY song, I can listen to '80s New Wave, '60s British Invasion, classical, and even trap (ask a millennial), as easily as the latest indie or pop. I don't need to wait for my favorite songs to be miraculously or randomly played by a DJ.

But, you know what? I miss that feeling! I miss that surprise and delight at hearing a long-ago favorite pop up on the radio. Don't you?

Luckily, I have satellite radio in my car. The other day I was searching and searching for that right song as I was stuck in Bay Area traffic. My hunt landed me on Pearl Jam's cover (with Band of Horses) of one of my favorite Who songs, A Quick One While He's Away. I was in heaven! Once I was home, I searched Spotify, (continued from newsletter) iTunes, even the Internet, to find the recording of this song. Guess what? You can't download it anywhere. It's not even on Youtube. Why do I tell you this? I get to experience that feeling of serendipity when a forgotten favorite song comes on the radio. Of course, I can only hear it on Pearl Jam Radio, but I'm willing to take that bullet. What are your favorite songs? Is there a song that you haven't heard in a while that gets your heart racing and your air drum sticks in the air? Let me know.

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