Artist's Statement


My art is a translation of memory reflecting a specific time and place in my life.


Painting provides the freedom to capture my memories and impressions of colors and light as I go through my day. When I’ve completed a painting, I sometimes am surprised by what I’ve painted. The image can be a recollection from my childhood or what I noticed at a stop sign yesterday. I don’t usually know what I’m painting while I’m painting only when I’m done. Of course, only I can recognize these images. Living in California, I am also inspired by the bright sunlight and year-round bold flowers whose colors inform my brightest paintings.


I paint with acrylic paint on cradled hardboard mostly. Sometimes I use stretched canvas or even oil paint and collage. I also use any implement that I can find in the hardware store. Besides high-end brushes, my tools include plastic putty knives, small foam rollers, and brayers. The ends of my brushes and bamboo skewers are used often to inscribe into the paint and make texture.


Layer on top of layer on top of layer is how I work. My favorite item to paint on is an unsuccessful painting. It’s amazing how reacting to what is already laid down on the canvas allows me to be uninhibited.


My color palette sets my artwork apart from others. Layers of bright pinks, blues, and orange explode on the surface to make up the foundation of my paintings. I paint purple, white, yellow circles, stripes, and even more circles over the initial jewel-tone layers. I love the process of painting by exploring the medium and constantly challenging myself.