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Artist's Statement


The bright sunlight of California, a summer evening during childhood, the thrum of New York City — my abstract canvases are informed by the visual world around me and grow out of my recollections. I distill these feelings into paintings that glow with jewel-toned layers and the full expression of my individuality. My paintings are a visceral conduit of my past and my emotions.

In my current series based on a long-ago memory, the juxtaposition of mesmerizing, leaf-like patterns and their contrasting combinations of color, create a picture plain filled with rhythm and sensation. Layers cover past strokes and thin paint reveals the history of my process, creating a depth like seeing the sky when looking through leaves and branches. Each painting moves towards its own destination, instead of returning to the original vision. As I grow older, memory battles with the foggy passage of time and morphs with paint into a new experience.

As I channel a fleeting moment, an echo of emotion, I offer the viewer an opportunity to take a visual journey, feel a trace of their own reflections, and enable an intimate connection through my work.

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