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I Confess! I use my friends & family.

flowers, Ruth-Anne Siegel, curly girl, bright colors

Their inspired output fuels my creative life.

My friend Rose (she's with me in the photo) takes photos of flowers and posts them everyday as an antidote to the negativity in the world, especially on social media. If you have followed my work or seen my paintings in shows, you know I like flowers. I REALLY like flowers. Actually, I LOOOOOVE flowers. So, Rose's photos inspire me and the colors and shapes find their way into my paintings. I agree with Rose that our world is filled with pessimism, doom & gloom, and despair. With my paintings, I try to visually convey joy, optimism, and positivity. I have been told by various people including an art-loving psychologist that I must be a happy person, evidenced by my art. I have to agree! I am! But, why do I paint flowers? It's no secret that flowers are a favorite subject matter for artists through the ages from Dutch Still-Life painting .… continue reading → of the early 1600s up to Picasso and even Andy Warhol. Flowers are the natural expression of my favorite palette: intense pinks, bold orange, vibrant blues, and sun-colored yellows. Whether I paint abstractly or realistically, I paint with bright colors. I also love the organic shapes of petals and the expressive twists and turns of overlapping blooms and stems.

Onondaga Silk Mills, Vogelman, orange, pink

Perhaps my love of flowers is in my DNA and comes from my paternal grandfather. He was the creative director of his older brother's company, Onondaga Silk Company, and managed all the artists (see swatch on the left). He loved flowers and the textiles that he oversaw were usually brightly colored and patterned with blooms. Most of all, he was incredibly proud of his rose bushes. His yellow, pink, and deep red roses were known all around the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn. I have happy memories of stopping to smell the roses before eating my grandmother's noodle kugel with raisins.

So, yeah, I use my friends and family, but, boy, is it worth it!

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