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Bubbles & Kisses: Preparing for my show, Oil & Water

"Hey, Ruth-Anne, want to get together?"

"Can't. Must be in studio. Must paint."

That's the (made-up, but close to true) pathetic conversation I've been having with friends, family, and generally, everyone these first few weeks of 2018. I am busy preparing for my featured show with Maura Carta at Gallery House, Oil & Water. I'm Water because I paint with acrylic paint and Maura is Oil because she paints with,…(surprise) oils. She has a muted palette; I have a bold one. She paints from life; I paint from my memory. Her work is planned and cerebral; Mine is expressive and visceral. Our show is a combination of colorful and contrasting styles yet, we both draw influence from the natural world and immerse ourselves in our respective subjects to bring them to artistic life. My abstract floral portraits are bold with vibrant colors and expressive paint strokes. With flowers, I have the freedom to capture impressions of colors, light, and movement with expressive brushwork filled with emotion. The viewer cannot help but notice the flow of a stem as it twists and turns into a lush bloom as well as the layering of petals over one another …continue reading → in a fluttering visual cacophony. With thick paint, palette knives, and silky brushes, I am able to create a textured canvas that brings the viewer into this world of enveloping buds, blossoms, and twisting, turning growth.

Living in California, I am also inspired by the bright sunlight and verdant landscape whose colors inform my bright paintings. My color palette is what initially identifies my style. Layer upon layer of bright pinks, blues, and orange explode on the surface to make up the foundation of my paintings. I paint purple, white, yellow clusters, organic petal shapes, and even more strokes over the initial collaged layers. I love the process of painting by exploring the medium and constantly challenging myself.

I hope to see you at my show and reception.

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