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CAUTION: May be habit forming (I hope!)

Do you follow any artists on social media? Combing through Instagram, I've discovered crazy-talented people. I am astonished at how inspired I get from seeing their work. My favorite Instagram artist goes by the name August Wren. I found out about her from my alumni magazine for the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

She paints everyday and posts all of her sketchbook pages. She doesn't edit. She even posts images she's not in love with, just the work she does every day, rain or shine, migraine or not. How could I not be inspired by her commitment & talent? Not content to wait for her to follow me, I started to comment on her posts and asked her questions about her process. After receiving her materials list with some modifications, I felt prepared to start my own daily practice of painting everyday.

Unfortunately, I've started more slowly than I would like. Having large children sweep into my house like separate, yet overwhelmingly powerful hurricanes can put a damper on the creative process excluding laundry detergent experiments on sardine oil stains (DON'T ASK!).

Follow me on Instagram and you can see my attempts at daily painting. I hope to be consistent with posting, improving with each post, and maybe inspiring another artist.

Here are my latest attempts at morning art making:

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