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Discover Your Creative Voice

Would you like to have the confidence

to express yourself and paint in your

own unique style? 


In our one-on-one sessions,

you will:

  • Define your style with unique exercises
    that stimulate your creativity

  • Discover your own voice and intrinsic visual
    language by painting expressively


  • Boost your painting practice through inspiration
    from art history 


  • Be encouraged to push your art out of your comfort zone and into new and exciting directions

I know the struggle of going into the studio and not knowing where to go and what to do! Over the years, I have discovered the keys to unlock my own creativity. I would like to share my insights with you.

Introductory Price of $50/hour for a one-on-one personalized session

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I'm just beginning. Can I work with you?

If you are an artist with a basic knowledge of painting up to a lifelong experienced artist, I want to work with you. I just ask that you are at least 16 years old.

Will you critique my paintings? 

The only way to improve is to paint and evaluate what works and, as importantly, what doesn't work. I will give constructive criticism, but NEVER make you feel badly. I will encourage you to explore throughout the process. I will help you discover what works for you and how you can make the most of your talent and skills.

Why are these classes one-on-one? 

Do you want to try collage and mixed media? Do you want to learn to paint with oils? Are you developing a portfolio for college or graduate programs? Each lesson plan is unique and tailored to you. In our first meeting we will discuss your goals and the direction you would like to take. 

What supplies do I need?
I encourage you to have all your supplies ready with you when we meet including, but not limited to canvases, boards, paints, mediums, and brushes. I will give you a supply list once we discuss your unique and personal direction. Each student will get a customized supply list. I will have my supplies available to try while at my studio.

Where do we meet?

We will meet in my purple backyard studio. If you'd feel more comfortable, we can also meet at your home or outside

What is your refund policy?

Because I'm working one-on-one with you, I am flexible with scheduling and content. If you can't make a set appointment, we can just reschedule! Once you pay for a class, though, there are no refunds, but I will always make time for you. Sign up today and our first meeting together is FREE if we agree to continue our collaboration. Each lesson thereafter will be the low introductory price of $50 (a value of $100).


What I have enjoyed most about working with Ruth-Anne is how positive and supportive she has been with me as I learn new painting techniques and skills. She also gives the best feedback and I have a much better understanding of what I can improve on in my paintings because of her.

- Avery Biczek, current student

Introductory Price of $50/hour for a one-on-one personalized session

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